Saturday, October 12, 2013

Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch Outing

The local pumpkin patch opened up today. Just to clarify, yes, they do grow pumpkins in Hawaii. (We have had a surprising number of inquiries on the subject.) It’s Hawaii, after all. We have a pretty great growing season year-round and pumpkins are just one of the many crops found here. In fact, Aloun Farms grows 90% of the pumpkins sold in HI. It’s a pretty impressive set-up. blog-1917                     In addition to pumpkins, there were also U-pick sunflowers, string beans, and corn available. Carnival rides, concerts, and the Redneck Olympics rounded out the entertainment. And there was food. Yummy, yummy food.

blog-1855 blog-1860                After a quick hayride the boys began their pumpkin search in earnest. blog-1878blog-1881blog-1882blog-1884               Aidan was a big fan of the process. We quickly reached our three pumpkin limit, plus one, and had to loudly forbid Aidan from touching anything else on the ground. Using classic toddler diversion tactics, we walked across the road to where the giant pumpkins were growing. No chance of Aidan accidently picking one here but he found climbing all over them to be equally as fun.                                                     blog-1892blog-1899                               I love this family photo! We were sporting Cougar colors in a show of support for their game against Stanford today. Reagan did a excellent job coaching the recorded game from the couch later in the evening but they just couldn’t pull out a win. Better luck next week, Cougs. blog-1907-2            If you didn’t have the skyline to give it away (namely Diamond Head), would you guess that we are in HI? The west side of Oahu looks a lot like parts of Eastern Washington and Idaho. It’s a little disorienting at first. blog-1909              What is a Hawaiian outing without shaved ice?                        blog-1933blog-1944  Aidan is a big fan of the Elmo bouncy castle. He used to be terrified of the slide but now approaches it with more of a “Bring it on, sucker!” mentality. This is our second outing that involved carnival rides and all of them were duplicates. It appears there is only one game in town around here. This bodes well for Aidan having another Elmo encounter.                                                                 blog-1949blog-1952 

Aidan serenaded us on the way home with a variety of songs. I am always amazed at how much he learns and retains at school. It is hard to keep up with.

Several blocks from our house Aidan announced that he had to go potty. We asked if he could hold it for a couple of minutes and he assured us that he could. I love literal toddlers. :)


Sunday is a rest/recover/work day. On Monday, we play again. Thank you, Christopher Columbus and fellow discovers. Three-day weekends rock.


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