Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CM Shooting 201, Beyond the Basics: My homework submissions, part 2

It has been more than a month since this class wrapped up but it only occurred to me a few days ago that I forgot to share the rest of my assignments on the blog. Oops.

During week three, we were challenged to photograph a silhouette, a reflection, and a long exposure/night shot (not pictured). I hit a major wall with the third task so I am not sharing it here, but I am continuing to work on that skill.


The assignment for the final week was to tell a story using only photos. I borrowed Marjie, a.k.a Aunt Maojie, to help get this one recorded. It’s no surprise why our little “I want to do it myself!”–er looks forward to our occasional trips to Whole Foods to stock up on soy yogurt, soy cheese, and almond milk.


With a new class starting this week—embracing flash photography--I’ll no doubt have more to show you soon. Of course, first I have to make nice with my new camera. Reagan and my parents went in together on a Happy Everything in 2013! Canon 6D for me, a major upgrade from the camera I was using before. I desperately wanted the 6D but I didn’t really understand what I was about to subject myself to. I’ve outgrown my Rebel T1i, feature-wise, but I felt like a rock star shooting with it. With the 6D, I feel like a dunce. The concepts are the same but the camera is configured differently. I no longer have the muscle memory for the controls. I have to think about every.single. shot I take and I am missing moments like crazy. *sigh*. Practice, practice, practice. I know. I wish I had a decent shot, or twenty, to show for my efforts though. I suppose the upside to taking crappy shots is that it makes my photo purging/editing go much faster: I mostly just delete. C’est la vie.  At least I am maintaining my optimism. :-)


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  1. All of these photos are exceptional. You have a great eye for content Sierra. I have to say the top 2 pics with Reagan in a quiet moment and with Aidan touched me. Nothing better than a photo speaking volumes about life ♥


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